Website + Course History

About the site:

ReThinking BIM is a site dedicated to information modeling in architectural design. Most of the content is derived from courses I (Mark Green) teach at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, as well as the University of Utah College of Architecture and Planning. At both locations I teach a course entitled, ReThinking BIM which focuses primarily around parametric design in Revit. However, I started teaching a continuing course at Columbia entitled, Integrated Parametric Delivery (IPaD), which focuses on integrating any parametric design tool into the design process. Most of the videos supplied on this site are produced by students as their final assignments.


A little history:

Just to offer a little history about the website and associated architectural courses, here is a little background. First and foremost, much credit must be given to David Fano. David began teaching a course at Columbia GSAPP entitled, Rethinking BIM, in Spring of ’07 with Mark Green as his graduate teaching assistant. Dave developed a popular curriculum for the course centralizing around the parametric and iterative aspects of designing with BIM. In Fall of ’08, Mark began co-teaching with David until the class was handed off to Mark in Fall of ’09.

Since then, Rethinking BIM has involved highly talented graduate assistants, such as David Anderson, Ryan Lovett, Mia Zinni, and Brian Lee.

This course and content would not have transpired without the vision and support of David Fano. Special thanks to his mentorship and encouragement.

Ryan Lovett has been the longest running graduate teaching assistant for Rethinking BIM to this point. He voluntarily took on the task of aggregating all the course data, then commencing the effort of publishing it online.

He is an award winning designer with a background in both architecture and real estate development. In the summer of 2011, he worked as an intern at CASE where he developed the Vasari educational curriculum.

This site wouldn’t exist without his work ethic and forethought.

In the Spring of ’12, a second session was added to the Rethinking BIM curriculum, focusing completely on the interoperabilty aspects of platforms such as Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, 3DS Max and several plugins such as TSplines, Evolute Tools, Chameleon, Hummingbird, and OpenNURBS.

If the Fall of ’12, I began teaching a similar course at the University of Utah College of Architecture and Planning (UC+P). This course was taught simultaneously with parallel content to the sessions at Columbia GSAPP.

Much of this site is maintained as a tool for these specific courses but is largely intended as a global resource to the AEC community in BIM education.

Previous graduate teaching assistants:

David AndersonJunior Architectural Professional | SOM

David Anderson
Junior Architectural Professional | SOM

Ryan Lovett crop

Ryan Lovett
Designer | SHoP Architects

Mia ZinniM.Arch Candidate | Columbia University GSAPP

Mia Zinni
M.Arch Candidate | Columbia University GSAPP

Brian LeeM.Arch Candidate | Columbia University GSAPP

Brian Lee
M.Arch Candidate | Columbia University GSAPP


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