Evolute Tools Tutorials

Evolute- What is it?

Evolute is a plug in for Rhino that enables users to rationalize and optimize highly complex nurbs and mesh models for the purposes of fabrication, patternization control, saving time, and sending models to other softwares more seamlessly. For example, it can take a completely organic, doubly curved poly surface and create a mesh with uniform planar quads or triangles or a hybrid of the two. This is incredibly powerful in getting geometry clean upfront at the conceptual design level rather than downstream, freeing up more time for other considerations as well as having the capacity to bring in other constraints, such as cost or ease of fabrication.

The plug in if free, but some functionality like optimizing for planarity or same lengths for each panel are only available in the pro version, which is installed on the GSAPP computers in 202 Fayerweather.

From Evolute:

“EvoluteTools Lite is a free Rhino plugin allowing intuitive design of panelizations using multi-resolution mesh modeling and mesh optimization. Meshes can be optimized for closeness to a reference surface, fairness (smoothness) of its polylines and several other goals. No strings attached: unlimited mesh size, no cost and no patents.”

Evolute Homepage : http://www.evolute.at/software/evolutetools-for-rhino.html

1. Introduction to EvoluteTools for Rhino
Modules used: All, Trial Version.
This video explains how to install the Plugin and the basic functionality behind it.

2. Subdivision and Multiscale Mesh Modeling
Modules used: Base Module, Trial Version.
This video deals extensively with the subdivision tools included in EvoluteTools for Rhino, including multiscale subdivision and local subdivision rules.

3. Basic Optimization Example A
Modules used: All, Trial Version.
Basic optimization for meshes.

4. Basic Optimization Example B
Modules used: All, Trial Version.
Basic optimization and instructions for coarse mesh creation cheat.

5. Basic Optimization Example C
Modules used: All, Trial Version.
Basic to Advanced optimization applied on a funnel like shape.


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