Angles + Reporting Parameters

1) Angle Reporting Parameter Example-

This Sample File Will show you a way to use angles and reporting parameters on divided surfaces.

Download the File Here:


Angles of Panel drive behavior of folded surface-

Use an Angle Dimension Rather than a Length Dimension as A Reporting Parameter.

There are two offset parameters that are driving points perpindicular to the placement reference points. A conditional statement enables the panel to bend based on its orientation on a surface.

The Panel be Instantiated on a doubly curved surface with an irregular grid:

The Host Surface excludes trimmed panels (Partial Grid setting)

Panel Toggles Between three states based on the curvature of the surface.

Another Simple Sweep (Rail curve with section profiles) Surface is also in the sample file. (Notice all construction lines are references lines, not model lines, which enables you to dynamically change the surface and have the panels automatically update)

The surface is divided with a rotation globaly as well as a local rotation in the “U” direction, which creates enough variation to have the angles of each panel be different enough from each other to see variation in the panel’s states.


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