Here you will find all the relevant downloads for the class:

1) The Lever House Dataset (for tutorial weeks 1-3)


2) Site Context Model for Lever House (for tutorial weeks 4-6)

LINK (coming soon)

3) Example Files of Formulas in a Family: 

Basic Conditional Statement:

LINK live!

Custom Intersects Grid with Formulas

LINK Live!

Basic Adaptive Component That Knows Its Normal

Link Live!

Angles as Reporting Parameters Example

LINK Live!

Nested Adaptive Components, Pattern Based Family Workflow:

Link Live!

Visibility Parameters Example:

LINK coming soon

Double Conditional Statement Example:

LINK coming soon

Auto Orienting / Sizing Solar Shade Example:

LINK  to file 1 live!

LINK to file 2 live!

4) Indesign Templates for Tutorial Submission & Group Concept Submission

Tutorial Template (.indd)


Group Concept Template (.indd)


Final Group Boards Template (.indd)

Coming Soon

Final Group Animation Template (.aep)

Coming Soon


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