Group Project Info

Project: Parametric Systems BIM – Digital Iterative System + Video + 11×17 Boards

Students will work in groups of 2-3. Each team will determine a point of departure for their project, focusing on ideas and language from their chosen concept image. This could be a particular part or component of a building or something more abstract (for more on what the concept image could be, speak with Mark or Ryan). Project concepts must be approved prior to design progression to ensure applicability to BIM and parametric design.

The challenge of the workshop is to gain an adequate understanding of the BIM, so as to fully as possible produce a presentation which exhibits not only a parametric and iterative system, but to have it be informed by what is being queried and reported from the BIM data.

Once each team has chosen their desired project idea, the concept will be further developed and refined using techniques presented in class lectures and tutorials, and further augmented by individual student research. Projects should reflect modifications made by use of data produced from BIM schedules or energy analyses.

Requirements and Milestones


Groups must submit a series of concept boards describing their intent. When creating a post for this, please check the “2012 Group Concepts” category


There will be one progress submission prior to the final submission where students will present their project to the class. When creating a post for this, please check the “2012 Group Progress” category.

Requirements include a digital parametric model (RVT/RFA files), a video (either screen
recording software or animated/rendered, to illustrate the parametric nature of the system and how it was composed),
and (3-4)11×17 boards illustrating and communicating the systems functionality, concept, and design process.
Specific submission requirements will be offered later in the semester.

Submission Guidelines for Posting to the Blog:

1) All videos should be hosted on VIMEO and embedded within a post onto the blog.

2) All images should be uploaded to the blog and displayed in gallery format. An indesign template is provided below.

3)  For Group Project, please always include:

Group Name & Number (Use this as the name of the post)


Uni 1234

Group Concept Submission Title

A short paragraph describing the concept, its potential in terms of harnessing information embedded into the model, and how you plan to tackle it through the tools you acquired. (4-5 sentences)

Group Images, Supporting Documents, etc

Image #1 – Source of Inspiration

Image #2 – Inspiration Translated into Strategy (How can this be made architectural?) & Diagram explaining all components of concept (ie what information is put in, how that information is translated/manipulated, how you plan to use it, advantages that your design/model gives you, etc)

Image #3- Which tools you will use to tackle the problem/concept you have created…


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