Cagestair Deux

The Cagestair’s continued development investigates parametric form finding and platform/plugin interoperability. Within Rhino’s plugin Grasshopper, the Diva plugin is used for solar irradiation analysis while the Galapagos plugin is used to optimize the cage form in 3 iterations:

1. Optimizes cage surface area in relation to solar radiation.

2. Maximizes solar radiation within the design constraints.

3. Maximizes form surface area in relation to volume.

The radiation analysis generates each iteration’s cage structural system. The Chameleon plugin is used to instantiate the stair treads, a Revit adaptive component, according to the parametric form, while the other geometry is also brought into the Revit environment for further development.

Amy Maresko (alm2212) and Mikki Asada (mka2129)

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