IPD GROUP 1 CONCEPT: Catia – Revit – 3dsMax Workflow

We hope to learn more about Revit’s drawing/presentation tools, specifically in reference to Catia geometry and 3dsMax rendering. Since two of us are in C-BIP this semester, we’re planning on basing this workflow on the elements we’ve already designed.
Rebecca designed a rainwater collector that hangs along the facade of a building and includes protruding balcony sub-elements. I designed a balcony system in which the perimeter of the balcony is an undulating curve allowing for unique views and wind dissipation. We’d like to combine these two elements and better understand how they might actually be constructedIntro Ideas. The attached PDF includes some slides from our midterm presentation so you’ll have a feel for the elements we’re working with.
Though Allison is not in C-BIP, she’s interested in exploring Catia as well. Additionally, she’ll likely be our point person in linking Revit to 3dsMax. Hopefully by the end of the term we’ll be able to establish a workflow from Catia – Revit – 3dsMax that will allow for a cohesive reprsentation of our elements.

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