Nesting Workflow: Strategic Use of Adaptive Components + Pattern Based Families

In this example you will find a workflow that reveals a potential advantage to building your parametric families as adaptive components first, then nesting that family into a pattern based template before loading into a conceptual mass or in-place mass within your project file.

Download the File Here:


As you know, adaptive components are somewhat elastic families that are able to be placed onto anything MANUALLY with ‘adaptive placement reference points,’ while pattern-based families are constrained to being instantiated only on divided surfaces but can populate a surface AUTOMATICALLY.

If one were to simply build a family as an adaptive component first, then load that adaptive family into a pattern based template, they could have the best of both worlds. They would then have the flexibility to automatically instantiate the family across a large area of a divided surface and then strategically fill in special or unique conditions in with an adaptive component.

As one changes the number of divisions on the host divided surface, they will notice that the placed adaptive components remember their position while the pattern based family automatically updates as well. There is enormous potential in exploring the concept of nesting families within families to achieve many different effects as well as efficiencies as well.

Initial Adaptive Component

Adaptive Component Loaded into Pattern Based Family template and placed three times

Pattern Based Family Loaded onto a divided surface within a conceptual mass- Gaps can be filled with inital adaptive component.


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